The 1960's period series Heartbeat was filmed from 1991 until May 2009 a grand total of 18 years, the longest decade yet! During this time they filmed 18 series and 372 episodes.

Goathland made an ideal location for Yorkshire Television to film in. It was not too far a drive from Leeds and their base. Our village is an ideal traditional moorland village with little to indicate the era, so few changes or cover ups were needed for the village to pass as the 1960's. This location benefits from a pub with traditional bar, a couple of hotels, garage, a few shops, village houses, farms, moors and steam railway, you could not ask for more variety from one small village.

Props in view were changed in accordance with the 1960's era. Police would hold traffic for every take at each location but otherwise everything carried on as normal.

The variety of customers here has increased, including more day trippers and international visitors. Heartbeat has shown Goathland in it true form, a village in picturesque moors. Many first come because of Heartbeat and return for Goathland.

Filming took place inside the bar for the first four years. They then built an exact replica set of the bar interior and all major locations in a studio, due to the programmes success. This was easier and more convenient for filming. They still used the pub for all exterior shots, in and out of doors, looking out of windows and the car park.